Reader Interaction

BIG GAME: Who are you rooting for?

Who are you rooting for on Sunday?

The Broncos or the Panthers?

NEW SCHOOL: What do you want?

What is the most important thing you want to see in the new Columbia City High School?

JACKPOT: What would you do?

What would you do if you won the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot?

Gun control

What do you think of President Obama's proposed gun control legislation?


What do you think will be hot news topics in 2016?

What do you think? Donald Trump

What do you think about Donald Trump's proposal to not allow any Muslim immigrants into the United States until the terrorism threat is squelched?

BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING: How did you fare?

For those who hit the stores for Black Friday shopping, how was your experience this year? Do you prefer traditional shopping or the new cyber sales?

SNOW? Are you excited?

Are you excited for the season's first snowfall?

Christmas pre-Thanksgiving

With many stores already displaying Christmas decorations, what are your thoughts? Do you like to begin the Christmas season early? Or should it wait until after Thanksgiving?

NEW SCHOOL: Will you be involved?

Will you get involved in the planning process for the new Columbia City High School?