WHITLEY COUNTY: On IHS's short list for a Bicentennial road trip

Staff Writer

The Indiana Historical Society (IHS) Press is planning a literary Bicentennial road trip, and Whitley County is on the short list. The Whitley County Historical Museum, which maintains the home of Thomas Marshall, former U.S. vice president, is recognized with the release of Road Trip: A Pocket History of Indiana by Andrea Neal.
The book is a compilation of 100 historical essays with a twist. Each article on Indiana events and figures has a destination attached: a marker, monument, museum, park or annual event that Hoosiers can attend or visit to make the state's history come alive.
"As a teacher of U.S. history, I appreciate road trips," said Neal. "It is one thing to read about the War of 1812 in a textbook; it is another to walk across the field where William Henry Harrison's troops defeated The Prophet's forces at the Battle of Tippecanoe."
Other essay topics include famous Hoosiers such as Benjamin Harrison, Little Turtle and Madam C.J. Walker and important events such as Robert F. Kennedy's famous 1968 speech and the impact of 9/11 on the state.
Readers who intend to use this book as a travel guide will find the accompanying historic sites and landmarks in chronological order, starting with the impact of the Ice Age on Indiana and ending with the Bicentennial itself.
For more information about the book, or other IHS programs and resources, call (317) 232-1882 or visit IHS online at www.indianahistory.org.
About the author
Andrea Neal is a U.S. History and English teacher at Saint Richards Episcopal School in Indianapolis. She also serves as an adjunct scholar and columnist with the Indiana Policy Review Foundation. Until 2003, Neal was a journalist, most recently at the Indianapolis Star, where she served as reporter, assistant city editor, editorial writer, and editorial page editor.