Whitko recognizes April students of the month

Shoshana Keim
Staff Writer

Each month Whitko Community School Corporation recognizes a student from each of its schools. For April five students were selected to be highlighted.
The senior high school nominee is Shoshana Keim, who was nominated by teachers Laura Cripe and Larry Schuh.
“Shoshana was nominated for always performing at her best,” they said.
The junior high school nominee is Wyatt Clark. He was nominated by teachers Sheila Gillett, Antimony Fox and Mike Hanback.
“Wyatt is polite, respectful, gets work done, yet still likes to have some goof-off time. He has a great sense of humor, is very helpful in class and is not afraid to ask questions,” they said.
There were two students selected from South Whitley Elementary School - Brayden and Landon Bowers.
Landon was nominated by his teacher Vicki Sprunger, who said, “Landon Bowers is working incredibly hard in kindergarten. He is a student that is wanting to learn and also a student that is treating his classmates with respect. Landon is very polite and has a big heart that cares for many, which is making him a community member that we strive for in the classroom. He is doing his best to be a loving, well-mannered, respectful person.”
Brayden was nominated by his teacher Krista Busz, who said, “Brayden Bowers can be described in three words - kind, hard-working and helpful. He is always the first one to volunteer to help pick up the floor, shut the door and pick-up after others in the classroom. We have a new student in our class, and he is always helping him. He gets his coat for him, reads him books during tub time and plays with him at recess. The best part about Brayden is I have never asked him to do any of these things. He just does it. It’s not for a Bulldog Bone, or a sticker or a piece of candy. He just does it because it’s the right thing to do. Thank you Brayden for having such a kind heart!”
The Pierceton Elementary School student recognized this month is Breanna Bentley, who was nominated by her teacher Kim Kelley.
Kelley said, “Breanna comes into the classroom every morning with a smile on her face. She spreads kindness and caring through the entire school day to teachers and her classmates alike. Breanna puts 100 percent effort into her school work and keep trying even when things get hard. She sets a great example for other students.”