WCSC: Board members eyes upcoming school year

PIERCETON — After a summer of sleeping in and doing things on your own time, the alarm bell announcing the first day of school is just a few days away. Whether you’re an anxious new full-day Kindergartener or a confident senior, heading back to Whitko Community School Corporation (WCSC) signals new classes, new teachers, new social scene and a time of transition as a special school board of trustees meeting was held Wednesday evening to announce personnel changes for the upcoming school year. With the first day for WCSC on Aug. 15, the following retirements, resignations and terminations are as follows: Matt Slusher - resignation as part-time custodian at Whitko High School (WHS); Elizabeth Slusher - discontinuation as resource assistant at WHS; Celene Jenkins - discontinuation in auxiliary corporate band at WHS; Jasmine Utter - discontinuation as marching band assistant at WHS; Daniel Malicki - art teacher at WHS, who is the son of Walter Malicki who retired last school year; Mercedes Plummer - physical education/health teacher at WHS; Sabrina Waterfield - high ability building representative; Nicole Tucker - health clerk at Pierceton Elementary School (PES); Rhonda Snavely - administrative assistant to transportation/maintenance/technology; Jolee Diamente - resource assistant at WHS; Lana West - resource assistant at WHS; Megan Manning - transfer from resource assistant to APEX supervisor at WHS; Sheryl Gildner - transfer from resource assistant at WMS to resource assistant at WHS; Reba Gregory - transfer from part-time cook at WMS to resource assistant at WHS and Brenda Locke - leave of absence as bus driver, effective at the beginning of the school year.South Whitley Elementary School and PES have made a change to their dress code in regard to the length requirement for skirts and shorts which is outlined in the 2012-2013 Student Handbook. With a mission to educate each and every child who attends WCSC to become successful life-long learners and positive contributors to the betterment of our collective societies, teacher orientation day is Aug. 14 with the first day for students on Aug. 15. With a belief statement that all children can learn, WCSC board members and Superintendent Steve Clason welcome new students, returning students, staff and faculty a hearty “Welcome Back” as 2012-13 promises to be a great year.A reception to meet new staff members will be held 7 p.m. on Aug. 20 followed by the regular board meeting beginning at 7:30 p.m.