WCCS PLANS FOR NEW HIGH SCHOOL: School system looking at the future, weighs options

COLUMBIA CITY — Whitley County Consolidated Schools (WCCS) are thinking of the future and looking at different possibilities for a new high school in Columbia City.WCCS Superintendent Dr. Pat O’Connor presented to the school board Monday four courses the district could possibly chart.While presenting, O’Connor informed the board that Columbia City High School’s poor facilities are the major focus as the district looks ahead.“The Columbia City High School facility is grossly inadequate, functionally obsolete and not serving the needs of the students or community,” she said.While a new high school will obviously have a large price tag, O’Connor observed the current building is also a hindrance to the district’s finances.“The high school has a long list of unexpected and unintended capital expenses,” she said. “This makes it almost impossible to proactively meet programming and budgetary considerations.”The district plans to survey parents and the community to help make a decision and will also needs to know the financial need and other considerations.While nothing will be decided immediately, the superintendent said public opinion would be gathered to assists in the decision-making process.More coverage on the school’s plan will be published in Thursday’s edition of The Post & Mail.