WCCS Meeting Takes a Look At Proposed Legislation

Staff Writer

Whitley County Consolidated Schools Superintendent Patricia O’Connor presented the 2020 Legislative Update during the Whitley County Consolidated School board of trustees meeting on Monday, Feb. 3.

“I have some information to share with you about the updates. I just want to talk to you about what’s coming on, and what is relevant. There were a total of 166 proposed legislation pieces for education. It’s getting narrowed down over time,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor began the presentation by discussing House Bill 1003 for education matters, which lessens the annual training requirements for teacher licensure. House Bill 1207 compensates a second count day in order to count early graduates.

“If you can remember, we used to have one count day. You couldn’t count our early grads even though we had them up until they graduated. We lost quite a number in our count,” O’Connor said.

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