UPDATE: State legislators stop in CC to talk about session

Staff Writer

Several community members came together Saturday morning to hear an update on what is going on at the Statehouse so far with area representatives, while also addressing any questions and concerns they had.
The legislative update took place at the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center. Leading the discussion was State Representatives Chris Judy and David Abbott and State Senator Andy Zay.
All agreed that the main focus this legislative session is to have a balanced budget.
“As we started this session our number one goal was to have a balanced budget,” said Judy.
“We will not leave that capital until we have a balanced budget, and that has kind of become how we operate and I think that is a great thing and great legacy we leave our children in the state,” said Zay.
So far most of the work has been done in committee. Within the next few weeks bills will switch to the opposite side of the house for further readings and possible approval.

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