United Way Remodeling

Staff Writer

United Way has moved into its new location at 219 W. Van Buren Street.

United Way is a non-for-profit company that strives to assist people to live a self-sufficient life to be able to provide for themselves and their family. United Way works with a variety of educational programs and financial stability related programs to provide clients to the right path of success.

Executive Director Loretta Mottram believes that the change will enable more space and productivity for herself and her workers.

All together, there are two part-time members, two interns and an AmeriCorps staff member. With the new space, the workers will be able to meet one-on-one with clients if need be.

The old United Way building was located at 128 W. Van Buren Street, and work space had to be shared with two small work stations.

“The two cubicles in the old building weren’t accommodating. Non-profits don’t always have space to meet with clients,” Mottram said.

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