TEACHING TEACHERS: WCCS educators collaborate during an Innovation Fair

Staff Writer

While the students were away, the teachers were at school.
Last Monday while the students enjoyed a day off of school, the teachers of Whitley County Consolidated Schools convened at Indian Springs Middle School for an Innovation Fair.
“One of the things we know about learning is that all learners, children and adults, appreciate choice in their learning. We also know that for adult learners, providing job-embedded professional development leads to greater buy-in and participation,” said Director of Technology Jacob Hoag. “With that in mind, we created an idea to have an innovation fair.”
These days are in addition to the 45-minute delays each week that teachers take part in at their respective schools.
Each are for professional development for the teachers to learn and improve the experiences in the classroom for the students.
“We need to give the tools they need (to teachers), and put them into practice. That is the idea behind the 45-minute delays,” said Hoag. “It’s not often you get to do it as an entire district like this though to meet and collaborate for our schools.”