Steps Being Taken At WCCS During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Staff Writer

Even though students aren’t physically attending school right now, educators and leaders in state government understand the importance of education. As of now, Indiana State Governor Eric Holcomb has decided to close schools until the end of the school year which means students will complete their school year and school work on e-learning. Though we are facing some hard times, this will provide a chance for families to work together until the end of the school year to ensure that the educational needs of their children are still being met.

According to Whitley County Consolidated Schools Superintendent Patricia O’Connor, one of the first steps Whitley County Consolidated Schools did once news of the COVID-19 virus was serious was to close the schools. Students need to attend school for 180 days to be considered a full year.

“The governor granted the decision to make the school year be shortened by 20 days. We have enough days to close without having to make up time for the summer,” O’Connor said.

After the schools were first closed, Whitley County Consolidated Schools made the decision to do e-learning on Mondays and Tuesdays with Wednesday being a collaboration day. For Mondays and Tuesdays, teachers will be providing their students with new information to be learned such as new vocabulary words, new content and new skills. Wednesdays will focus on review and reteaching with one-on-one instruction and group work. For students who don’t have internet connection, teachers are sending home packets by mail so those students aren’t missing out on their work.

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