STATEHOUSE VISIT: Columbia City leader meets lawmakers, discusses issues

COLUMBIA CITY — Columbia City recently had an added presence at the Indiana Statehouse. Columbia City Mayor Ryan Daniel was mayor for the day in Indianapolis, and the event gave him the opportunity to meet with lawmakers and discuss important issues. Daniel met with Rep. Kathy Heuer, Ind. Sen. Jim Banks and Rep. Dan Leonard. He had a chance to speak on issues that were important to local government.“I got to speak with them about some of the issues which are front and center for cities and towns, such as the meth problem, abandoned homes and the local option income taxes (LOIT) being collected and accounted for on the local level,” Daniel said.It has been a busy start to 2013 for Daniel. He was named to the board of directors for the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns (IACT). Presence with this organization gives the mayor a chance to speak on issues which are important to citizens.“If we don’t have any kind of voice at the statehouse, if we don’t have any voice with the individuals that control our destiny, then we can’t help our own communities,” Daniel said. “That is why I am a part of IACT and past Columbia City mayors have been as well.”Ultimately, the trip was about policy at the local and state level.“The big issue for myself and IACT is to allow us to have local decision making,” Daniel said. “The more power consolidated at the state and federal level, the less power our local citizens have in Columbia City to set the pace for the future. If we have more control over our own destiny, then our citizens will have more control over the government.”For a more in-depth look at this story, see the Jan. 12 issue of The Post and Mail. Don't have a subscription? Call (260) 244-5153 or subscribe to our e-edition. For breaking news, sports updates and additional coverage, bookmark the homepage and find us on facebook.