PROCLAMATION: Commissioners proclaim April as Government Month

COLUMBIA CITY — The National Association of Counties (NAC) is an organization that helps promote County Government. April has been designated as Local County Government Month, with the 2012 theme being “Healthy Counties, Healthy Families.”In a press release issued for the month, Whitley County leaders have proclaimed they take seriously their responsibility to protect and enhance the health, welfare and safety of residents in a sensible and cost-effective way.Each year since 1991, the NAC has encouraged counties to actively promote their own programs and services to the public they serve.The Whitley County Com-missioners have been doing just that for several weeks now, proclaiming April as National County Government Month and encouraging all county officials, employees, schools and residents to participate in county government celebration activities.The commissioners will be promoting County Government by visiting several area schools as an opportunity to explain the functions and benefits of having a strong local government.On May 5 — opening day for Farmer’s Market — the commissioners will be hosting a coffee, juice and cookie event on the courthouse lawn in downtown Columbia City.The county has promoted wellness with the help of Whitley County Immunization Clinic, Whitley WIC and Parkview Whitley Hospital.The commissioners are assuring all residents these events are non-political in nature, and intended for the purpose and benefit of having a strong local County Government.For more information on services available for preschool and day-care centers, contact 244-2310 or 248-3121.