Political Policy

The Post & Mail’s political campaign coverage policy


     Newspapers will announce candidates upon filing, plus give one-time coverage (biography, platforms, etc.) including photo to expand upon the filing item. Candidate announcements must be received at the newspaper no later than one week after the filing deadline passes.


     Immediately prior to primary and general elections, newspapers will provide coverage to readers concerning offices being contested, candidates, issues and stances.


     Newspapers will provide coverage for major political events (typically Lincoln Day and Marshall Day events). Additionally, prior to the general election, newspapers will provide coverage of a rally for each party.


     Debates and candidate forums may be covered depending on newsworthiness and substance.


     These items will appear in our newspapers only as paid political advertising with appropriate attributions:

     • Endorsements;

     • Endorsements as photo opportunities;

     • Endorsements as letters to the editor;

     • Positions (other than pre-election coverage) by candidates on issues.


     We will not run news briefs about fundraisers or rallies. In order to get these announcements in the newspapers, candidates or groups holding such activities must purchase advertising space.


     Additionally, Opinion page commentaries by candidates in local elections will not be printed from March 31 to Primary Election Day, nor from Sept. 1 to Election Day.