PAY ATTENTION! Construction season is here; slow down

You must slow down in all construction zones.This will be the sign of the season.
Staff Writer

As winter officially gives way to spring, so begins another season of roadway construction on our local, county and interstate roadways. Engineers, planners and workers are charged with ensuring these work zones are designed and operated with safety in mind.

The Indiana State Police, working together with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) reminds motorists to be vigilant for reduced speeds, lane restrictions, flashing construction zone signs, and orange barrels. Where all of those exist, count on both construction workers to be present and the Indiana State Police to enforce construction zone restrictions.

INDOT also reminds motorists of the following:
Stay alert and minimize distractions
Expect the unexpected
Do not tailgate
Keep a safe distance from workers and their equipment
Pay attention to and obey both signs and road crew flaggers
Leave early, be patient and stay calm

As motorists, we all have a responsibility to be alert, obey traffic laws and signs, and use common sense to safely navigate roadway work zones. Everyone has a role in work zone safety. For more information, please visit