NO JAIL TIME: Former Cleveland Trustee receives suspended sentence

COLUMBIA CITY — A former township trustee pleaded guilty in Whitley County Superior Court to three felonies and was given probation with no jail time.Roland King, 74, of South Whitley, admitted his guilt to three counts of official misconduct. He received 4.5 years of suspended sentence. While Cleveland Township trustee, King abused his position and sexually assaulted three women who came to him seeking financial assistance.Whitley County Chief Deputy Prosecutor D.J. Sigler said he did what was necessary to resolve the case.“This is a plea agreement that I feel is inadequate but necessary,” he said. “To put this in the hands of a jury, if we were unsuccessful, what that might mean down the road for these women...that was the calculus I operated with. I opted in negotiation to seek this plea. I remain convinced it’s the right thing to do to seek closure.”One of the victims testified and said the arrangement was inadequate.“I do not agree with no jail time,” she said. “I think it’s wrong. Three felony counts and no jail time? People get misdemeanors and go to jail.”