Mayor: Legislation pertinent to Columbia City

COLUMBIA CITY — Columbia City Mayor Jim Fleck told the town’s Common Council Tuesday night that state lawmakers have their hands full with legislation during the 2011 legislative session — and that much of the items being discussed involve local government.“There’s an awful lot of legislation being discussed that involves cities and towns and local government,” said Fleck during the council’s regular bi-monthly meeting.“They’re discussing relationships, nepotism, consolidating local government ... there are a whole lot of pieces of legislation that are being introduced,” Fleck said.The mayor told the board he attended a four-hour session in Indianapolis on Friday.The meeting was a gathering of the Legislative Committee for the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns.“We meet several times during the legislative session and it’s very well attended by the mayors,” said Fleck.“I want to make sure I’m a conduit for the council.”Fleck said the amount of material could not be covered during the time allotted for the committee meeting.“We were there from 1 (p.m.) to 5 (p.m.) and didn’t get through the packet,” he told the council.