'MAKING WHITLEY COUNTY GREAT' is series theme to special marketing publications

“Making Whitley County Great” is a series of publications coming to The Post & Mail in late March. Call (260) 244-5153 about how your business /organization can participate.
Staff Writer

The Post & Mail, Whitley County’s daily newspaper, will be publishing a series of special sections in late March about the businesses, people and programs that are “Making Whitley County Great” now and into the future.

Businesses, organizations and others will want to be a part of this very special series, to be distributed in print and online.

With tremendous shelf-life and keen interest to current residents and prospective new residents, “Making Whitley County Great!” will be one of the premiere publications in 2017.

Those wishing to know how they can participate should contact The Post & Mail’s specialized marketing department of consultants at 260 244-5153.

It will be an excellent series of publications for businesses and manufacturers, organizations and civic groups to tell their ongoing story about how they are truly “Making Whitley County Great!” Don’t miss this opportunity!