Luckey Hospital Museum is preparing to close its doors

Staff Writer

Most people know historical events that shaped the world. But local history is different. It is spread and remembered through experiences and stories. Chances are if you knew somebody who grew up in northern Whitley County or southern Noble County between 1930 and 1960 they had a story about doctors James, Harold or Bob Luckey or the Luckey Hospital located in Wolf Lake.
Just as those stories fade over time so too has the old Luckey Hospital. It was purchased in 2000 by sisters Shirley Hile and Mary Adams who are descendants of the Luckey doctors and restored as a museum. Now, containing a substantial collection of medical equipment and artifacts, the museum will be closing and put up for sale.
The hospital will host a birthday party July 13 which will also serve as a farewell. The event will commemorate the founding of the hospital which took place in 1930.

To learn more about the hospital, grab a copy of Thursday's edition of The Post & Mail, available at newsstands and convenience stores throughout Whitley County.