Local Family Share Stories Making Products With Homemade Honey

Staff Writer

Honey has been around for centuries. Honey was popular in medieval Europe, and it can come in different flavors and colors.

Bee Great Founder Dave Mullins and his family pride themselves on making honey, and creating natural products made from honey to sell. It once began as a hobby that developed into something bigger.

“My grandfather in Kentucky used to keep bees. My uncle Marvin lives down there still, and he’s a beekeeper. It’s always been something I’ve been interested in, and I can remember when I was a kid there they had wax honey comb they used with the back of a spoon to push against to get the honey out of it. A few years ago, I wanted to start doing it with my dad. He kind of grew up with bees, so we started doing that together,” Mullins said.

Bees provide the food we need in one way or another. Bees pollinate things that need to grow such as fruit and vegetables. They kill off weeds found in people’s yards such as dandelions. Sadly, bees are declining in population, but honey seems to be a product most people love, according to Mullins.

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