Local artists complete 6,300 square foot mural in church

Local artists Michael Lude and Jennifer Crampton
Staff Writer

When walking through the doors to the youth area at Community Of Hope Church in Columbia City the first thing that will now greet visitors is an extensive 6,300 square foot mural.
The mission behind the piece: to show the power in the “Unity of Community” right here in Whitley County.
The piece was created by local artists Jennifer Crampton and Michael Lude.
It all began at the start of this year. Crampton was contacted by a friend through the church who knew her work on the Owl mural that can be seen across from the Whitley County Courthouse in downtown Columbia City.
Crampton then asked Lude to help her take on the project.
They began the design work in mid-January and were asked to complete the project in time for April 28 when the church will be rolling out a new educational model in the children’s department.
Even from the beginning all parties agreed the theme should be centered around community.
“We ask the kids to think about Jesus when they are out in the community and so we wanted to bring community for them to see at the church,” said Susan Fenker, director of Children’s Ministries at the church.
Lude and Crampton took that message to heart, and agreed that they wanted snapshots of the community that the kids see everyday in their own lives to be represented there in the church hallways.

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