It's Wave O'Clock Time!

Staff Writer

Mayor Daniel recently saw that Fort Wayne had joined a movement that is sweeping across the country.  Residents were encouraged to step out of their front doors and wave to their neighbors. He thought if Fort Wayne can do it, so can we.  On March 30 the Mayor took to Facebook to ask all residents to reach out to each other in the only way we can. We were asked to simply step out on the front porch and give our neighbors a wave at 7 p.m.  

It is things like this that define us as a community.  Columbia City is special. It is our own version of Mayberry.  It is a place where the line between friends and family are blurred because in Columbia City to be a friend means that you are family.  This community has watched for years as our sons and daughters have left to make their way in the world only to return because this place means something.  The thought of raising your children anywhere else is unthinkable.

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