Informal poll: Shoveling, cooking were top snow day activities

During a Level 1 snow emergency, most of the population is asked to stay home. The few who keep us informed and safe during the situation, or who work to open the roads again, often work very long hours. Cathy Broxon-Ball, director of the Emergency Management Administration/Department of Homeland Security was at her post from 7 a.m. Tuesday until 11 a.m. Thursday, sleeping on a portable military cot in her office, all to help keep residents of Whitley County safe and aware of conditions.But what do the rest of us do on a forced day off when travel is not an option? We took an informal poll on the social networking website Facebook and thought our readers may enjoy some of the responses. Our posted question: Informal poll for The Post & Mail: What did you do on your snow day? You may be quoted in the newspaper.Responses with place of origin of aforementioned response: Kent Williams (Tennessee) - Sang praises that I don’t live where it snowed any!! Jackie King Huber (South Whitley - vacationing in Florida) - We went to the water park and got henna tattoos! I bet you don’t get any other responses like that :)Hayley Hand (North Carolina) - Wished we were home to enjoy being snowed in with family and friends!(It may be noted that our first three responses were from out-of-state folks. Could it be the snowbound were busy?)Pamela Chamberlain Mullins (Columbia City) - Playing in the snow and hot chocolate.Tiffany Walther (South Whitley) - Scrapbooked! And played games. Oh, and listened to the radio, like, all day! Susan McIntyre (Elkhart) - Cleaned the stove, crocheted, played games, shoveled snow. Kris Hand (from North Manchester, stranded in Connecticut for work) - Sat in hotel room and deleted e-mails.Terry Speicher (originally from N. Manchester, now living in Arkansas) - Blew out my flip-flop while putting steaks on the grill; what is this “snow” you speak of?Kris Hand - (Expletive), Speicher. From the pics I saw, we’ll not find our grill for a month.Terry Speicher - Darn mosquitoes; no man should have to put up with these things on “Ground Hog Day”; just sayin’ ... Sounds like Kris needs some “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.”(It should be noted that Hand and Speicher are related to each other, and yes, to one of the authors of this article.)Sheryl Anne Lehman (formerly from Elkhart, now living in Minnesota) - Enjoyed -3 degrees and lower all day/ then there was that wind chill factor of -20 degrees all day/ too cold to snow all day.Meghan Hand (South Whitley) - Shoveled ... a lot ... but it was fun! Justin McDonald (Sidney) - Worked.Victoria S. Flood (Alexandria) - Took care of my poor sweet hubby. (He has strep).Christopher Scott Brock (West Lafayette) - I did homework for two days. Peem Steiner (South Whitley) - Slept and played my guitar! Elisha Cripe (RN from New Paris heading home after a two-day shift caused by snow) - I almost hit a cow on my way home from work!Mark Gibson (Severn, Maryland) - What snow day?Betty Plew (North Webster) - Stayed in my nice toasty house.Cheryl L. Kissinger (Columbia City) - After digging out, and shoveling sidewalks I made a pot of chili, baked cookies and enjoyed my adult snow day.John Stanley (Columbia City) - Snow blowing and snow blowing.Karen Moffett (Chesterton) - Shoveled 20-plus inches of snow because the snow blower was broken, then laid on the couch because my body was in such pain!!!Julie Myers (Columbia City) - Built a warm fire in the woodstove, did laundry, cleaned carpets and made saucy meatballs and mashed potatoes for supper. Then I relaxed.Brian Hite (Ligonier) - Managed to get out to open the hardware store at 7 a.m. so people could get water lines fixed, fuel for snow blowers and parts for their plows. Sold a ton of shovels and ice melt, too! Terri Schlichenmeyer (LaCrosse, Wisconsin) - WENT TO THE MALL! (Do I count?)Melinda Miller (Claypool) - Baked.Peggy Rebman (South Whitley) - Went out and played in the snow drifts with my truck.Lyndah Jones (Columbia City) - Worked on my taxes and watched movies.Esther Smith (Columbia City) - Nothing - absolutely nothing!Kimberly Trump Knapper (Columbia City) - Worked from home and made cookies!