Hoffman welcomed as new Sports Editor

Staff Writer

The Post & Mail has welcomed Joe Hoffman as the new Sports Editor. Hoffman grew up in Churubusco, graduating from Churubusco High School. He said he developed a love for writing at an early age, writing for the local paper.
“I did a middle school news section and that piqued my interest in writing,” Hoffman said.
After high school Hoffman first took classes for mechanical engineering through Indiana State University. While taking a psychology course though, he found he had a passion for the subject and transferred to Indiana Tech where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
He joined the graduate counseling program at Huntington University in the summer of last year. Hoffman said it has been through his college career that he found that love for writing again, just like he did when he was younger.
“As kids mom took us the library a lot and I just loved what I read. I found it sparked creativity and it made me want to express my creativity as well.”
Hoffman has worked with The Post & Mail for approximately three years, and started sharing his passion for writing last year when he began covering Whitley County sports and other events for the paper.
“Once I saw my work in print it made me realize it was something I could be successful at so I applied when the sports editor position became available,” Hoffman said.
He said he has always enjoyed watching sports, and says he is excited to translate into news coverage. “I love the competition and when I got the chance to be a stringer I had an interest in translating what I was seeing into words,” he said.
It is this passion for writing Hoffman said he hopes to continue to show as the sports editor. “I look forward to being able to be creatively writing as a professional,” he said. “It’s now going to be something I do everyday.”
Hoffman said he is also excited to focus on local sports and the hard work each school and team puts in.
“Local sports is a big deal for our county. We take a lot of pride in our sports, and our athletes compete hard,” Hoffman said. “(As a correspondent) I was able to see the pride the kids had and see how much the coaches care and that’s inspiring.”
In his spare time, Hoffman said he likes to read, particularly the classics and mysteries, and he loves to spend time with his family. He is supported by his wife Renae and his three kids.