HEART: Community Foundation recognizes community members

Staff Writer

On Nov. 15, the Community Foundation of Whitley County hosted its annual meeting. During the meeting, 28 community members were recognized for their Hearts of Gold and service to Whitley County. Recipients this year were Rex Carpenter, Russ Gilliom, Larry Hall, Barbara and Patrick Kyler, Pat Loe, Konnie and George Lutz, Leaha and Piper Meinika, Judy Miller, Donna Mommens, Sharon Persons, Monica Reed, Patty Rosenberger, John Slabaugh, Jim Shaw, Frank Frey, Linda Smith, Lori Starkey, Morgan Stevenson, Sharon Geiger, Kathy Plew, Mary Keiser, Lin Wilson, Margaret Wise, Priscilla VanAllen and Hank Workman.