GAS PRICES PLUNGE: Prices at pump come back down

Staff Writer

Gas prices have tanked about 30 cents in the past week after they skyrocketed two weeks ago.

Average gasoline prices have seen their biggest weekly drop of the year, according to fuel price service, which reports the national average fell about 13 cents to $2.47 per gallon.

Prices at the pump have been under pressure as oil prices have plunged 23 percent since July.

BP’s Whiting refinery in the Midwest, which broke unexpectedly a few weeks ago, has returned to service, alleviating concerns of a supply shortage and ushering in lower prices in response.

Gas prices in Indiana have fell about 29 cents per gallon. Michigan has seen a 31-cent drop and Ohio 30 cents. Nationally, gas prices are 20 cents lower than a month ago, and 96 cents less than one year ago.