First graders take part in Ag Day

Dillon Sheiss talks about the sheep with the students.  He explained that many of the clothes we wear are from the wool that is sheered from the sheep. His was one of several stations first graders had a chance to learn more about agriculture during a field trip for National Ag Day.
Press Release

Around 400 Whitley County first graders attended the annual Ag Day at the 4-H Center on Tuesday, March 7 which is hosted by the Whitley County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), Whitley County Farm Bureau, Inc. and the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service. And this event wouldn’t be possible without all the work and help from the FFA Chapter from the Columbia City High School.
The first graders got to see a wide variety of farm animals and learned what products come from what animals that we use in our daily lives. There were nine different stops that were set up under the 4-H Center’s roof for the first-grade students from Mary Raber, Northern Heights, Coesse, Little Turtle, and Churubusco to see. The students got a chance to visit each stop, to ask questions and had an opportunity to pet the animals.
“This is something that we really enjoy doing for the first graders,” said Nadean Lamle, Office Manager for the Whitley SWCD. “Many of these children have never had the opportunity to be close to a farm animal. We try to remind the students, chaperones, and teachers that if it wasn’t for the farmer, their parents wouldn’t be able to buy many of the products that we take for granted in our everyday lives. Some farmer somewhere had to raise the foods that we eat everyday of our lives.”

To learn more about what the day had in store for the first graders, grab a copy of Wednesday's edition of The Post & Mail, available at newsstands and convenience stores throughout Whitley County.