EMERGENCY: Police, fire, EMS dispatching is the direct line to our public safety

Dispatchers Jeff Sparkman and Brandon Rittenhouse are two of 12 dispatchers that work behind the scenes for 14 police and fire agencies in Whitley County. Recently, dispatch has switched to using the Spillman CAD system, and dispatchers are currently undergoing training for it.
Staff Writer

This past week marked the annual National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, and was a time to honor the “unsung heroes” of emergency services, including the 12 dispatchers for Whitley County.

“Our dispatchers are professionals and they work hard to make Whitley County a safe place to be,” said Whitley County Sherriff Marcus Gatton.

At times, the job of a dispatcher can be tedious – filling out paperwork and taking care of other administrative duties – and other times it can be tremendously stressful, as they collaborate with victims, emergency responders and others to assist in various situations.