DEADLINE: Homestead Verification filing deadline is Monday

COLUMBIA CITY — Residents have until Monday to complete their homestead verification forms to declare a Whitley County property as their primary residence.Whitley County Auditor Jenny McGuire said there were still 762 people, as of 4 p.m. Friday afternoon, who still have not declared or verified their county of residence.However, she added that some may have done so through the state’s website. Citizens have until Monday to do so. McGuire noted that the county office will be closed on Monday, but residents still have options.“We have a dropbox outside the building,” she said. “There is also a website that they can access through the state.”McGuire said if residents had there forms mailed in and had them postmarked in time, that they would be accepted.“I do not want to be tough about this,” she said. “We have to set a deadline. I would rather verify people now than have them removed from the list and have them re-verified later.”Individuals and married couples may lose their homestead deduction beginning in 2013 if they do not complete the homestead verification form.An updated list of individuals who are still missing can be found at the Whitley County Government website,