A Day in the Life: Beck Has Been Fixing Computer Glitches Since 1991

Staff Writer

With how important technology is nowadays, everyone seems to own a computer, tablet or cell phone. We depend on these devices to help us with work and school. They also provide entertainment and fun to share with our friends, or to enjoy by ourselves. When these devices have a glitch or break, B.E. Computers & Software is the place most residents go. B.E. Computers & Software Owner Steve Beck fixes computers that residents bring to him to have repaired. He usually works with malware and data recovery. In the past, Beck worked as a field engineer for a computer company, but his love of comics enticed him to open a hobby shop.

“I opened the business in October 1991. We started out as a comic and hobby shop. We sold comics, models and rocketry. Then, we moved into computers a little later. Year by year, it just grew from there,” Beck said.

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