A Day in the Life: Akey Making Soaps in a Creative Way

Staff Writer

COLUMBIA CITY— Soap is essential for everyone. Soap also comes in a variety of forms such as bars, powders and liquids with a multitude of scents and special purposes. When Sarah Akey and her parents decided to move to a farm, they asked her what she wanted to do. She told them that she wanted to make her own soaps with goat milk.

“We bought some goats and we started from the beginning raising them from babies, milking them and then making the soap. My agriculture teacher for FFA was like, ‘you want to do this, you need to start it now so you can do it for high school for FFA,’ “ Akey said.

Along with her former agriculture teacher’s insistence, Akey was also inspired to make soaps after watching a show called “Biz Kids.” There was an episode where a girl wanted to make goat milk soap. After seeing the episode, Akey wanted to try out the same thing.

“I thought that was so cool, and it kind of stuck in my head, so that’s how I started it. Goats are pretty cool. I wanted to keep goats,” Akey said.

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