Court tells man to stop stalling

COLUMBIA CITY — Whitley County Circuit Court Judge James Heuer told a man suspected of child molesting he would have to quit dragging his feet and face trial.“This case will be tried on the court’s schedule, not on yours,” said Heuer to Ronald A. Rostochak in court Feb. 22.Rostochak has been awaiting trial for child molesting, a Class A felony and sexual misconduct with a minor, a Class B felony, since late 2009.Since then, the court has granted Rostochak several continuances for pre-trial conferences and trials and Rostochak himself has been represented by five different attorneys.In court Feb. 22, Heuer set the trial date for June 7. The prosecution was represented by D.J. Sigler.Heuer asked Sigler if the state had any comments and Sigler replied “I have a multitude of things to say, your honor, but will reserve them for the trial.”Rostochak is accused of having sex with a girl younger than 14 years old between September and December of 2007.A warrant was issued for his arrest Nov. 25, 2009.His first attorney was Jeff Arnold. Travis Friend took over the case and the defendant was scheduled for trial July 13, 2010.The jury trial was reset for Oct. 26, 2010 and on Oct. 15, Robert E. Love filed his appearance as Rostochak’s attorney.Love withdrew on Feb. 16 and Rostochak was assigned public defender Anthony Churchward on Feb. 22.Churchward was replaced by Richard J. Thornert on Feb. 24.