COURT DATE: Padgett appears for inital hearing

COLUMBIA CITY — A Columbia City man had his first appearance in Whitley County Circuit Court Tuesday on charges of burglary and theft.Christopher Padgett, 27, was accused of committing burglary, a Class C felony, and theft, a Class D felony, at his place of employment, C & R Plating Corp. in Columbia City. Case reports said Padgett allegedly stole $326 in petty cash from the office of Cathy Dowell. on Tuesday, Jan. 15. A lighter and gloves of a factory worker were found at the scene. Witnesses said they saw the defendant running around the front of the building. Padgett has been an employee of C & R Plating for approximately two years. Brad Voelz was appointed to be his attorney by the court. Jordin Shoda of Columbia City also received a jail sentence on Tuesday. Shoda received a combined sentence of two years in Whitley County Jail, with 100 days to be served and the rest suspended, for two charges. The sentence was part of a plea arrangement.Shoda pleaded guilty to battery, a Class A misdemeanor, and invasion of privacy, a Class A misdemeanor. He was charged with battery on Sept. 2, 2012 and charged with invasion of privacy for breaking a no-contact order on Nov.20-21 of 2012. The case originally appeared before Whitey County Superior Court.Shoda was also fined a total of $200 for the two crimes. He will be on probation following his release.