COUNTY HIGHWAY SUPERINTENDENT: Warns motorists to stay vigilant to road workers

SOUTH WHITLEY — In light of a southwest Whitley County crash that had the potential to be disastrous, Whitley County Highway Department Superintendent Mike Barton advises motorists to use caution.A pair of Whitley County Highway workers were repairing pot holes on CR 400 S. near 950 W. Thursday afternoon when a car came over a hill.The driver, Amanda Syndram, 19, of Pierceton, slammed on the brakes, losing control on the loose gravel on the road.Her SUV went off the left side of the road before over correcting, hitting a tree and flipping over — “very close” according to Barton, to a county highway worker.“Luckily nobody got hurt,” Barton said.Though the dump truck was illuminated with proper lighting, it was nearly impossible for Syndram to see until she came over the hill.Though road signs may appear to be a practical solution to this problem, Barton said it would be inefficient.In order to keep up with road signs with a moving operation, it would take an extra two full-time highway workers to move the signs — two employees who could be busy working on other road repair before the winter elements set in, Barton said.“We’re trying to do extra work before the weather turns bad,” Barton said. “That means there are going to be people working on the roads.”Barton warns drivers to avoid distractions — even on low-traffic county roads — and travel at a safe rate of speed, even more so on roads with loose gravel.