Cluster creates cackle of surprise

A unique birthday present gave a mushroom enthusiast a “shock.”Rose Hurd, of Whitley County, calls herself “the mushroom lady.” She’s sold mushrooms for 26 years and is a supplier to four retailers, but she said she “has never seen anything like this before.”“I got a package shipped from Nevada from my supplier,” said Hurd, who celebrated her 87th birthday Tuesday. “This cluster has at least 100 mushrooms all together. I’ve seen them grow with five or six, but never this many. I was dumbfounded. It’s really remarkable. I laughed, I got excited and even screamed a bit. It was something so different.”Hurd has lived at her home in Whitley County for 65 years. She said she enjoys mushrooms and services more than 300 clients with her business.Although the mushroom spectacle was something Hurd won’t soon forget, she photographed the cluster.“I wasn’t going to let those mushrooms go to waste,” she said. “We ate them for supper and they were darn good!”