City buys sewer cameras

COLUMBIA CITY — The Columbia City Board of Works and Safety approved on Friday the purchase of equipment that will enable city workers to televise and map underground sewer lines.Televising equipment, or video cameras designed to view sewer lines and capture digital video images from inside the pipes, have been discussed for some time by the board and street department officials and the city has gone ahead with the purchase of such technology.The cameras would be used to help map previously undocumented sewer lines and subterranean structures such as manholes, as well as monitoring weaknesses, pipe damage and potential future damage.Kelly Cearbaugh, Superintendent of Columbia City’s street department, presented the benefits of such equipment to the board last month.He told the board then there are many lines and manholes that have not been mapped. He said using cameras could result in a more accurate picture of all the municipally built infrastructure residing underground.Without the camera, lines and manholes could only be discovered by excavating.The board approved the purchase of equipment from Brown Equipment of Fort Wayne for $179,200.