CCHS gets new student dean

   As administrators at Columbia City High School focus on development of Eagle Tech Academy at the Marshall Community Center, they will get some extra help with their responsibilities from a new part-time dean of students.
   Andrew McDaniel, an English teacher at CCHS, was approved this week by the board of school trustees for the part-time position for the first two trimesters of this school year, effective Tuesday.
   The substitute teacher for McDaniel will be paid by grant funds awarded to Whitley County Consolidated Schools and McDaniel will not receive any additional compensation, according to Tony Zickgraf, business and operations manager for WCCS.
   The approval for McDaniel to take on his new role came from an 8-1 vote by the WCCS Board of School Trustees.
   Board member Steve Hively said he voted against the request not only because he is opposed to Eagle Tech Academy, but also because he feels there are enough administrators at the high school.
   “I think they’re top-heavy anyway,” he said.
   He feels many private businesses are doing as much with fewer employees in recent years and sees no reason why the school should be any different.
   “I think this is a replacement because of New Tech, and I’m not going to fund it,” Hively said.
   Conversely, the board’s vice president, Tim Bloom, said he feels the high school administrators proved the need for the position and he supports it, especially since the position will not be paid by the district’s general fund.
   The high school’s administrators, particularly assistant principal Brady Mullett, will need to devote enough time to plans for Eagle Tech that Bloom thinks the part-time dean of students position is necessary.