BANKS: Congressman joins task force

Press Release

WASHINGTON DC —The Ronald Reagan Institute’s Center for Peace Through Strength recently announced the creation of the Task Force on 21st Century National Security Technology and Workforce.
This inaugural Reagan Institute Task Force builds on the policy conversations that took place at the 2018 Reagan National Defense Forum. It will convene prominent thought leaders, public officials, and industry executives to produce a report detailing recommendations to ensure the United States is technologically prepared to meet 21st century challenges and possesses the National Security Innovation Base (NSIB) workforce required to promote America’s security and prosperity, as well as a peaceful international order.
Joining the Task Force is Congressman Jim Banks.
“I am honored to be a Commissioner on the Institute Task Force on 21st Century National Security Technology and Workforce. The Reagan National Defense Forum has a reputation for bringing together leaders and experts in their respective fields to help craft solutions for some of our Nation’s most pressing challenges,” the congressman said.
He added, “The current geopolitical climate creates threats never before seen in our history, and in the spirit of President Reagan, I hope we can confront these challenges boldly with strong American leadership by preserving peace through strength. I look forward to collaborating with distinguished members of academia, public policy, and private enterprise to help make America stronger and safer.”
The Task Force will be co-chaired by former U.S. Senator Jim Talent and former Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work and include ten additional bipartisan commissioners with a wealth of experience in national security and technology. Reagan Institute Policy Director Rachel Hoff will manage the work of the Task Force.
“Our hope is that this Task Force will advance the debate about our preparedness for national security challenges,” said Reagan Institute Director Roger Zakheim. “The commissioners represent the range of stakeholders with a role to play — from government to technology companies — and we are confident their recommendations will help move this important discussion forward.”
The Reagan Institute Task Force will meet throughout 2019 to receive briefings from subject matter experts and discuss the following five study areas:
1. Scoping the National Security Innovation Base (NSIB)
2. Competing in the 21st Century Technological Environment
3. Unleashing and Harnessing Private Sector Innovation
4. Cultivating the 21st Century NSIB Workforce
5. Leveraging Alliances and Partnerships
“The divide between national security policymakers and the innovation community is not a new problem,” said Senator Talent. “While there has been some progress in recent years toward bridging that divide, bureaucratic barriers, cultural differences, and ethical considerations are obstacles to ensuring we have the NSIB necessary to compete in the 21st century technological environment.”
“There is no silver bullet solution to the challenges we face when it comes to national security technology and workforce issues,” said Secretary Work. “But as strategic competition expands beyond the scope of traditional warfare, it is all the more important that we leverage the best of American innovation, knowledge, and capabilities to protect and advance our nation.”
Reagan Institute Task Force Commissioners:
• The Honorable Jim Talent (R-MO) || Senior Fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center and Former U.S. Senator (Co-Chair)
•The Honorable Robert O. Work || Senior Counselor for Defense, Center for a New American Security and Former Deputy Secretary of Defense (Co-Chair)
•Ms. Lisa Atherton || President and Chief Executive Officer, Textron Systems
•Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN) || Lieutenant, U.S. Navy Reserve
•Mr. Christian Brose || Head of Strategy, Anduril Industries and Former Staff Director, U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services
•Ambassador Eric S. Edelman || Counselor, Center for Strategic and Budgetary
Assessments and Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
•Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-WI) || Captain (Ret.), U.S. Marine Corps
•Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) || Former National Security Specialist, Department of Defense
•Mr. Donald J. Rosenberg || Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Qualcomm Incorporated
•Dr. Nadia Schadlow || Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute and Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy
•Mr. Raj Shah || Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, and Former Head, Defense Innovation Unit
•Mr. Matthew Waxman || Professor, Columbia Law School and Former Principal Deputy Director of Policy Planning, Department of State
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