Author shares newest book with South Whitley Elementary

Author Troy Cummings shows what small nuances can do to a drawing by taking a drawing of a nice creature, adding a “V” and turning it into a villainous monster.
Staff Writer

"Can I Be Your Dog?" is the ever growing question on the tongue of the lovable Arfy in Troy Cummings newest book. Tuesday, March 5, Cummings visited the Makers Space at South Whitley Elementary to deliver a private reading to students in grades K - 2.
He began each 45 minute experience by sharing with his audience of elementary students, "My favorite part of my job is when I get to come and visit other authors and illustrators!" Then he sprinkled pieces of advice from his own life experiences throughout the presentation. In doing so, he helped the children to identify how the writing process and perseverance go hand-in-hand, especially when writing and illustrating your very own book.
According to Cummings, getting a book to its final stage in the writing process so that it can be published can take a long time; and he is no novice to the writing process. Some of his books have taken years to complete when measured from the moment his idea was conceptualized until it resulted in being on a shelf in a bookstore or library. His newest book has been a long awaited reveal for Whitko's students. Cummings previously had been only able to preview "Can I Be Your Dog?" in small snippets during other visits to the school, but never had students been able to view it in full.

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