Audition times open for summer theater project

Staff Writer

This summer will present a unique opportunity for adults and young adults alike to get involved in theater with a special musical production.
Due to contractual agreements show coordinators say they cannot reveal this summer’s production, but said it involves the music of ABBA. The show will be presented to the public Aug. 2 and 3.
It is being put on thanks to a partnership with the Columbia City Fine Arts and Whitley Arts Partnership.
Coordinators say they need at least three adult women and three adult men ages 35-45, but added they would love to have more for the production, and will also need many high school and college aged kids.
Auditions will take place May 7 and 9. Rehearsals will begin in June and will be in the evenings.
Coordinators say they will work with schedules as best they can.
Those interested in auditioning should visit the Columbia City High School Fine Arts page on Facebook to find the link to sign-up.
For auditions, you will be required to sing one verse of any song you choose and will do some cold readings from the script. Auditions will by in groups of six.
Coordinators ask that you bring a list of all summer conflicts, vacations, etc. to the audition to help them put together a rehearsal schedule.
“So, if you enjoy performing, here’s your chance,” read a recent press release. “We’re calling all those ‘Dancing Queens’ to join us at ‘Waterloo’ because the ‘Winner Takes it All’ and ‘Honey, Honey’ this is going to be a fun summer!”