ALCOHOL SALES: Liquor stores see steady traffic on Sunday

Staff Writer

COLUMBIA CITY — People streamed into grocery and liquor stores across Indiana on Sunday as they were able to buy carryout alcohol for the first time
In Columbia City, local stores saw steady traffic Sunday as residents took advantage of the new law.
“It’s been slammin’ busy,” said Ruth Ann Wilkinson, who works at Scott Package Liquors in Columbia City. “It’s been slammin’. I kind of expected that. I knew it would be busy but I didn’t expect it to be that busy. I think people are excited that Indiana has gotten with the rest of the country. Everyone seems to be very happy about it.”
Local bars like Duff’s saw slow foot traffic during the hours of the sales, however, that was also exasperated by the lack of a weekly poker tournament.
Wings Etc. General Manager Drew Zartman said sales were typical of any Sunday and didn’t see much boost in stores carryout sales.