Abba music being featured in summer production

Staff Writer

This summer the Whitley Arts Partnership and the Columbia City High School Fine Arts Department are working together to showcase a musical performing the music of ABBA.
Directed by Shane Barkley, the musical features local residents as well as current and former high school students. Over 40 people auditioned for parts in the musical and the select few have been learning their lines as well as the melodies for the music. Practices have been two to three days a week as the team prepares for the shows scheduled for August 2 and 3.

The cast of the play features a wide range of members. The main characters are played by Coyle, Mullett, Kamryn Yenser, Rachael Rosfeld, Katy Fry, Sidney Basham, Tiffany Temple, Brayden Schilling, Walker, Josh Graham, Robert Himes, Blake Ousley and Barkley. The ensemble is comprised of Lindsey Kleinma, Mikayla Whitehurst, Jake Straub, Mackenzie Whitehurst, Megan Beck, Gabby Coronato, Kristal Stahl, Katie Amos, Bridget Hinen, Natilie Ressler, Emily Mullett, Ella Kirschner, Tiara Hunter, Sid Severit, Gina Coronato, Rebekah Starkey, Noah Johns, Noah Willson, Heather Johns and Gunner Arnold.

Tickets for the play can be purchased by going to or from the CCHS Fine Arts Department. The shows begin each night at 7:30 p.m.