238 YEARS: DAR reflects on Whitley Co. battle

Charlotte Blair, Augustin de La Balme Chapter of the DAR, is escorted to the memorial stone to lay a wreath at the site.
Staff Writer

On Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018, representatives from local, state and other Sons of the American Revolution and Daughters of the American Revolution organizations convened at De La Balme Road to commemorate 238 years since the Revolutionary battle that took place in Whitley County.

In 1780, Col. Augustin de La Balme’s American forces raided Miami Indian and British supplies at their stronghold Kekionga (now Fort Wayne) and headed towards the Eel River Trading Post, located on present day De La Balme Road in Union Township, Whitley County. There, Chief Little Turtle and his men defeated de la Balme and his forces of perhaps three dozen. The ceremony is hosted on De la Balme Road near the memorial stone commemorating the de La Balme Massacre and those who lost their lives there.