WORKING HARD: Whitko schools try to rebound from bad grades

SOUTH WHITLEY — After the Indiana Department of Education released a report grading Indiana Schools, Whitko Community Schools was ranked with some of the lower scores. With Pierceton Elementary School and Whitko Middle School bottoming out with Ds, both the South Whitley Elementary School and Whitko High School held Cs.Steve Clason, Whitko Com-munity School Corporation’s superintendent, said, “I am extremely disappointed with our grades. There are no excuses. They will improve.” The district is reviewing the state’s report to see what academic areas need improving.Clason said there are some tangible changes already in the works.“We are matching the data to our curriculum to see what needs to change,” said Clason. “We added an instructional coach at one building and have new administrative staff at two others that are pouring over the data and reviewing the instructional processes daily to see where more attention is needed.”With a report card that would make any parent shake their head, WCSC’s grades have headed in the “wrong direction.” “Whitko has a high bar of excellence,” Clason said. “We are not meeting that bar now, but that change will occur with our dedicated staff all working together to meet the needs of our children.”