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One shot: two kills

November 28, 2011

8-year-old Kelly Schwenn displays the pair of deer she harvested last week with one shot. — Photo contributed

COLUMBIA CITY — A young girl shot two deer with one bullet Wednesday, a feat many hunters don’t experience in a lifetime.
Kelly Schwenn of Etna-Troy Township walked into the woods with her rifle, and walked out of the woods with two does.
Schwenn and her mom, Wendy, have spent the season in a blind in a field west of Albion.
The eight-year-old Northern Heights Elementary School third-grader put down one game to engage another type of game; two in fact.
Kelly was playing her Nintendo DS, a handheld video game, when her mom tapped her on the shoulder to tell her there was a deer in sight.
The girl set the game aside, picked up her .44 rifle, and shot not one, but two does.
I was trying to hit both of them, and I did,” Kelly said.


Comments from Facebook

December 3, 2011 by editor, 3 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 3293

The following were comments made on the Facebook page of Associate Editor Phil Smith, whose friends visited the story on The Post & Mail's website:

From Jon Wells — Great job young lady on your freezer filling accomplishment!! Also a well written article with good comments both pro & con. I, agree that God gave us this resource. Use it if you like, don't if you prefer but do NOT judge the individual for their choices. And if the article in the paper offends you, then don't read it.

From A.M. — The confrontation this started cracks me up! Lol

From Judi Loomis — Small minds!!!

From R.S. — Good story and congrats to the young lady!

response to lindalu (sp?) reply

November 30, 2011 by Uncle Bucky (not verified), 3 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 3290

do you eat meat ? With a comment like that I sure hope you do not and I hope you do not step on the grass because you could and probably are killing ants , bugs and worms, who are "helpless" creatures also. And you do let the mice that tend to get into our houses this time of year just live there correct ? I mean putting out a trap or bait to kill them poor helpless creatures would be terrible

I think its AWESOME that two women are out in the field hunting and taking the initiative to become self reliant and use the renewable resources God has so graciously given us and made us stewards of.

Maybe next time you zip through McDonalds you should think about where that McDouble burger comes from .

Good job mom and congrats on the feat ! Venison, God's Power Protein

Who is wrong?

November 30, 2011 by evosteen (not verified), 3 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 3289

I find it disgusting that vegetarians eat only living organisms who can not run, hide, or defend themselves. Hunting is as ancient as any human endeavor, and I would rather she kill an animal that has lived in habitat that supports many species of plants and animals and lived free and wild (organic, local, sustainable!) until meeting a swift end by a respectful person who hunts for food. I consider it less "wrong" than insisting upon trucking in vegetables from far and wide when none are available locally in the winter. I commend her and I say to this fine young lady "Eat what you like! And don't let people who would deny an entire human history of hunting because they do not like to accept the realities of nature make you feel anything other than proud - and part of an ancient, honorable tradition". Well done!

Great Article!

December 1, 2011 by commonsense (not verified), 3 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 3288

Good stuff!!

Great Article

November 30, 2011 by commonsense (not verified), 3 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 3287

What a great story!!! Good for her and young hunters everywhere! I too was eight years old when I made my first kill and may I suggest to the person who objects to children participating in the sport of hunting.....go snap your Prozac's in half and go enjoy your steak dinner you hypocrite!!

Some of us are disgusted

November 29, 2011 by linderlu (not verified), 3 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 3286

Please be aware when you print "news", that many people are totally against teaching a young child to kill helpless creatures. It's bad enough that you consider it news, but your headline is extremely distasteful, also. I hope she can deal with this if she decides for herself, WHEN SHE GROWS UP AND CAN MAKE HER OWN DECISIONS, that this was wrong.

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