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New ’Busco police radios come with hefty price

September 7, 2010

     With a price tag of about $20,000, Churubusco will move forward with new radios for its police department.
     The four radios for the town’s police cars and two handheld radios will operate on an 800 MHz frequency that many police in the state, including the Indiana State Police, use now or plan to use in the near future.
     The town council approved the purchase this week for the radios, some of which will not be available until November.
     The radios will come from J&K Communication, which submitted the cheaper of two bids to town.
     Another bid from Emergency Radio Service Inc. was nearly $2,000 more than the J&K bid.
     “If we’re going to spend that kind of money, we might was well keep it locally,” said Chad Fulkerson, town marshal for Churubusco.
     The radios will be encrypted, which will mean communication on them cannot be heard on scanners.
     Aside from the price, Fulkerson and council member John Hart, who is also a town police officer, said the radios offered by J&K are smaller and more convenient to handle.


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