Neutering for a nickle to be offered by shelter

COLUMBIA CITY — The Whitley County Humane Shelter is offering for the second time, Neuter for a Nickel Day, Saturday, March 22.Neuter for a Nickel offers local residents the opportunity to schedule male cat neuter surgeries for up to five male cats per household for just 5 cents per cat. The event will be held at the Whitley County Humane Shelter, 951 S. Line St. on March 22 with surgeries provided by contributing veterinarians. Residents must call 212-2324 for an appointment prior to the event. Neuter surgeries will be provided for cats ages eight weeks and older on a first-come, first-served basis.The event is made possible through an all-volunteer effort to help the shelter prevent as many unwanted litters as possible. Last year, the Whitley County Humane Shelter neutered 141 cats during the one-day event.“Uncontrolled cat breeding accounts for a large percentage of animals surrendered to our shelter. The problem can be solved easily by spaying and neutering pets,” said Executive Director Sandy Grube.The shelter expects to neuter 180 to 200 male cats during the one-day event this year. Only male cats will be served by the program. To schedule an appointment, or to make a donation to the cost of the event, call 212-2324.