LEAF PICKUP: On a roll

COLUMBIA CITY — The Columbia City Street Department’s goal is for leaf pick up trucks to service the city each week.According to Columbia City Street Superintendent Kelly Cearbaugh, even with the rain earlier this week, the street department is getting the job done.“In the past, there have been weeks where it’s all we can do to get through the city in a week. We then go back through it the next week,” said Cearbaugh. “We have two machines, one for each side of the city, and if one side gets done before the end of the week, they try to help the other side.”The department is currently in the second week of the program, as they expect to finish in December.According to Cearbaugh, by the end of the six week program, the street department will collect 2,400 yards of leaves, on average. He said, “I’d be surprised if we collected anything less than 2,000 yards this year.”The leaves are taken to the back of Morsches Park and dumped by the pond located at the back of the park.Later in the winter, Cearbaugh said the department will bring in a grinder to turn the leaves into mulch material.“Then it becomes a 100 percent giveaway to the public in the spring,” said Cearbaugh. “Anyone can come pick it up before then. They don’t have to wait on us.”