Ind. pastor, wife, set new Guinness world record

Ind. pastor, wife, set new Guinness world record FREMONT(AP) โ€” A northern Indiana pastor and his wife have earned a placed in the Guinness Book of World Records by setting an unusual โ€” and painful โ€” world record.John and Amy Bruney became the new champs Thursday in Guinness' category of one person skipping rope on a bed of nails resting that's on top of another person. They performed the feat on "Guinness World Records Unleashed" on truTV.Bruney placed a 125-pound board bristling with 3,000 nails that had been hammered through it on his chest and stomach. To break the old record, Amy had to skip a rope at least 70 times, but she managed to skip rope atop that board a record-setting 117 times ."I told her, 'Don't stop no matter what you hear below,'" John Bruney tells an area newspaper. "I actually got the wind knocked out of me. The rest of the week my ribs were sore."Bruney, who's pastor of Zion Missionary Church in the far northeastern Indiana town of Fremont, stages inspirational strong-man shows around the country a handful of times each year, the newspaper reported. He performs stunts such as driving nails with his bare hand, tearing phone books in half and snapping chains wrapped around his chest.He and Amy, a music teacher, do the board-of-nails trick as part of those shows, but she had previously never skipped the rope more than 50 times in that stunt. Burney said that's what made the couple's record attempt particularly dangerous.___