HIKE: Larwill utility rate hike on the horizon

LARWILL — Larwill residents will soon incur an increase on their monthly utility billing as the town’s sewer ordinance has been amended. Town attorney, Greg Hockemeyer, made the changes to the ordinance which outlines a 14.3 percent rate hike. The monthly rate for a single family dwelling will increase from $35 to $40. A copy of the amended rate ordinance is available for inspection at the clerk’s office during posted business hours.The cause for the rate hike was to accommodate increased costs of maintenance. This ordinance will be effective upon its passage and publication in a newspaper of general circulation as provided by law. The new rate increase will be implemented effective on all billing following July 1.“The sewer rate hike Notice of Publication was to be posted on the (clerk’s office) door ten days prior to a public hearing which was originally set for tonight’s meeting,” Hockemeyer said in Thursday evening’s monthly meeting. “Since this did not happen yet, the sewer rate hike hearing as been tabled until June 14 at 7 p.m. allowing appropriate time for notices to go out.”Although the public is welcome to come to the meeting scheduled in June to voice their concerns regarding the rate increase, the changes to the sewer ordinance have been voted on by the council and will take effect. The June meeting is a technicality for the council in order to offer the community a chance to respond to the ordinance. It is doubtful that remarks possibly made at the June meeting will have any impact on changing the ordinance.Council members exhausted all their efforts in the past few months to avoid an increase, but with numerous repairs at the ball diamond lift station due to feminine hygiene products, baby-wipes, personal wipes and Q-tips continually flushed down the system, an increase was inevitable.“I did go door-to-door to 12 homes in the ball diamond lift station area and talked to nine residents,” council member Lore Wolfe said. “Everyone was very nice and I distributed a paper provided by the Clerk-Treasurer (Renee Sills) what you can flush and what you can’t flush. Hopefully, we will get some results.”Larwill residents who are concerned with the sewer increase are encouraged to voice their opinions at the next monthly meeting.