GLAZED & RUTTED: Roadways dangerous; restrictions in place until 5 p.m.

COLUMBIA CITY – Although travel restrictions have been lifted in nearby Allen County and Fort Wayne, Whitley County and other regional areas remain under government-imposed travel bans until 5 p.m. Tuesday.Only emergency or essential personnel are to be on the roadways in Whitley County.Main thoroughfares, including U.S. 30 and state roads, were deeply rutted with compacted snow and glazed by an ice coating. Rural roadways were impassable in many areas due to continued drifting, while city and town streets remained just as treacherous.All schools and the vast majority of businesses in Whitley County remained closed on Tuesday.The high Tuesday is forecast to be in negative temperatures. Overnight Monday the mercury plunged to -13 and -15 in Whitley County. Relief is in sight, with highs on Wednesday predicted in the upper teens, then a warming trend to the 30s at the end of the week, with chances of rain or freezing precipitation.